Our History
Plumfield Pre-School & Kindergarten opened in 1972 and is now is helping a second generation get a head start with the basics to succeed.

Currently under the ownership and direction of Kim Cordoba, Kim has a long history with Plumfield; beginning as a 2 year old toddler and continuing through to her Kindergarten graduation. 

After completing a BS in Business Management, Kim received her Early Childhood Education certificate and now proudly carries on the Plumfield tradition of providing excellence in education for young children.

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of Plumfield Pre-School & Kindergarten is to provide an exciting learning environment that fosters positive self esteem and focuses on the development of the whole child, socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

Our Curriculum
Plumfield Pre-School & Kindergarten recognizes that children learn best through play.  Therefore, the curriculum has been designed with an age appropriate learning environment that recognizes the individual needs of each child and his/her natural curiosity for learning.

Admission Policy
As a pre-school/kindergarten, Plumfield tailors its program to young children from 2 to 6 years of age.  All children must be potty trained prior to enrollment.  We do not discriminate based upon sex, ethnicity or religion.  We foster the uniqueness brought by each child.

Hours & Activities
Full Day Program: 7:00a.m. 6:00p.m.

Each day the children will be involved in the following activities:

  • Literature
  • Creative Art
  • Science
  • Perceptual Motor
  • Freeplay
  • Rest
  • Language Experiences
  • Music and Movement
  • Manipulative (pre-reading and pre-math)


  • To provide an environment which promotes active exploration and interaction with adults, other children and materials with the teacher as a facilitator.
  • To provide learning activities and materials that are concrete, real and meaningful to the lives of young children.
  • To foster self-esteem through relationships with adults who express acceptance and respect for all children.
  • To recognize that all children are different and to allow such differences to surface in daily activities.
  • To allow outlets for the expression of each child's individual creative potential.
  • To create an environment that allows children to utilize problem solving techniques with peers and adults in social situations with guidance and supervision as needed.
Helping shape tomorrow's leaders . . .
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